Deep Freeze Continues

1:52 PM, Jan 24, 2013   |    comments
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We broke a seldom mentioned type of record yesterday: The "Mini Max". It may sound like like a squirrel super hero, but in reality it's the (ready?) lowest HIGH temperature ever recorded on a day. Sure it's not as glamorous as breaking a record low (yup that's glamorous in the weather world) but it shows the strength of a cold air mass that even sunshine and day time can't warm us up. Portland only got to 8 F yesterday, the coldest "Mini Max" in 6 years as it turns out.

Today: Partly sunny and cold. By pure numbers it will be a BIT warmer today than yesterday but since we are talking about highs still in the 5-15 F range, most won't notice any improvement. Winds will continue to be gusty out of the west-northwest up to 30 MPH, so that won't help matters as far as the wind chill factor.

Tonight: Partly cloudy and brutally cold again. Lows will drop to -25 F in the mountains and even along the coastline should hit the -3 to -6 F range.

Friday: Mostly sunny and cold. High pressure will crest overhead so look for a good deal of sunshine, particularly until around 1-2 PM, after that there may be some high thin cloud movement into southern Maine. Still, the story is the cold again. Highs won't get out of the teens and the winds will remain brisk.

That Nor'easter we were concerned about originally is now a lock to miss to our south on Friday night. (Just so we are clear, I never used #Lockitin on the NORLUN no show. Phew) The coastline might catch a flurry or two late Friday night/early Saturday as a transfer of energy will occur just to our south between the inland low and the developing coastal low. No big deal though and we should be back to sunshine by noon on Saturday.

Temperature wise we will moderate a bit for the weekend but remain below average. Highs in the teens to low 20s on both days.

Sunday should be mostly sunny and cool and a similar deal on Monday as temperatures "climb" to the mid 20s for highs.

Our jetstream starts to ridge northward and push the cold air back into Canada by Tuesday/Wednesday. Believe it or not a rain event looks likely by Wednesday afternoon with highs in the low 40s. We will have to watch the onset for some freezing rain of course with the air mass being so cold ahead of the storm.

Unfortunately we might plunge back into cold air for late next week. In the words of my long range forecasting buddy in Boston, "Feb looks like an absolute freezer" my hopes aren't high for an extended warmup.

Ok, I'll see you tonight. (No Cupo hasn't been fired..he just gets 17 weeks of vacation a year)

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