Wedding bells ring for everyone at Bangor's Bridal Show

10:57 PM, Jan 13, 2013   |    comments
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BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- Bangor was a popular destination this weekend for brides-to-be as the 22nd annual Bangor Bridal Show came to town. This year brought brides from around the state, but there were another group of brides that seemed extra giddy.

Editor Melanie Brooks with Real Maine Weddings magazine said, "People are just running around giddy. They are excited. A lot of people may have had a commitment ceremony a small one with their family and friends. But now they can have the big awesome wedding that they've always dreamed about having and it can be legal."

Same-sex couples attending the the show including many who had already had commitment ceremonies were looking for the perfect way to plan their special day.

Carol and Juanita Taylor were married five years ago in Canada. Once same-sex marriage passed in their home state of Maine, they planned to renew their vows.

Juanita Taylor said, "It's something we never thought would be possible, just never thought it would be possible...It's validation that it is all about love. You know? It's wonderful."

Juanita's wife, Carol Taylor, said, "I can't tell you what it feels like to be thought of as an equal. That our marriage is as important as someone else's marriage. All the vendors have been so gracious and congratulatory."

Marketing Coordinator, Katie Leighton, with Day's Jewelry said, "We are just so thrilled, because we have partnered with a lot of same-sex couples before the law went through, because we have always treated everyone like 'This is your day! Regardless of what the law says this is your day to celebrate your love.' To now have them come in and be able to say this is your engagement ring..this is going to be your wedding bands. It's just really exciting."

The Taylors plan to renew their vows in September at their church in Bangor, on the anniversary of their Canadian wedding.

"I'm so delighted to be able to do it in that church with all of our friends because they couldn't go to Canada so it will be nice to have an actual church wedding," said Carol Taylor.

Maine has already launched its first website to help homosexual couples plan their weddings. The online resource allows same-sex couples a directory of gay-friendly wedding vendors. It can be found here.




























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