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One more mild day

3:38 PM, Jan 13, 2013   |    comments
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The written forecast is more important than average today.

Why? Because, as my ever-sage assignment editor put it, "Dude, you are going on during the Patriots game. You could do the weather shirtless and we wouldn't get a single phone call." Well put my friend...well put.

Tonight: Mostly cloudy and mild. Most spots won't dip below freezing once again with readings between 33-40 most common. With that mild air flowing over the top of our snowpack, dense fog will develop in spots with visibility below 1/4 mile possible. A cold front will approach from the west late in the evening and that could touch off a few scattered showers over the mountains and into western Maine. For the most part, however, the shower activity will hold off until the morning.

Monday:The cold frontal boundary begins pushing through from west to east so look for a few lines of showers through the morning hours especially. Nothing all that heavy, but still a wet to start the day. It looks like the front will push offshore by 1-2 PM so there could be a few late day glimpses of sunshine. That would be HUGE for temperatures as we could hit the mid 50s with a few hours of sunshine. As it stands I like upper 40s to low 50s for most of us as the cold air from the "cold front" lags behind by a few hundred miles.

Monday night: The cold air associated with the frontal boundary finally starts spilling in from the northwest. Temperatures will drop, but it won't be frigid. Look for lows between 20 and 25 F across most of the state, colder in the mountains. The actual sensible weather will be quiet, partly cloudy and dry.

Tuesday and Wednesday: There will be a few weak impulses passing to our south on both days so I expect more cloud cover over southern Maine and through the Midcoast...let's call it partly sunny. Further north, however, mostly sunny skies will dominate. Temperatures will be cooler than Monday, but still not COLD. Highs will average out in the low 30s over northern Maine, upper 30s across southern Maine.

An arctic cold front will sweep through late Wednesday night into early Thursday bringing snow showers and some mountain snow squalls (the big brother of the snow shower). The airmass will be slightly modified by the time it gets to us so look for a very cold night Thursday evening...but back into the low 20s at least on Friday. I mean, it's still cold, but earlier in the week it looked like this air mass would be MUCH colder.

Snow lovers: No big storms in sight. Even though it looks pretty cold over the next few weeks, the polar jetstream will take over our weather. That means no "troughed out" storms that dive in the Gulf of Mexico and develop into Nor'easters.

Ok I'm out of here for now...and no, I won't be doing the weather shirtless tonight.

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