Windy afternoon, mild weekend

2:09 PM, Jan 10, 2013   |    comments
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In my constant battle against the weather hype machine, I'm very careful about the "descriptors" I use. I don't want to call it frigid if it's just cold. I don't want to call it windy if it's just breezy. I don't want to call myself good looking if I'm just OK etc. etc.

I am very confident using the term very windy to describe today's weather.

This afternoon: The winds will continue to blow strong out of the northwest. Most places are reporting gusts into the upper 30s with Augusta actually reporting a 53 MPH gust last hour. When juxtaposed (SAT word for the win) with temperatures in the low to mid 40s; it makes for an unusual occurrence in Maine. Typically northwest winds drag in very cold air from Canada, but this time around the air mass is warm enough to offset the attempted Canadian invasion. Sky cover wise look for mostly sunny skies in most spots with partly cloudy skies in the mountains.

Tonight: Clear and chilly but the winds settle down. Overnight lows will be in the teens in most locations with low 20s along the immediate coastline.

Friday: We start off mostly sunny and pleasant but clouds increase from the west-southwest through midday. It should be mostly cloudy from New Hampshire northeastward to about Bangor by 3 PM and then cloudy statewide by 7 PM. High temperatures will take a step backward, only reaching the mid to upper 30s with that limited sunshine.

By Friday night we will be dealing with some light precipitation from what we call "overrunning." Basically mild air is running over the top of the colder air in place at the surface. This will mean some light rain along the coastline starting around 8-9 PM with some freezing drizzle a possibility about 30 miles inland and all the way to the mountains. The vertical temperature profile is not well suited for just plain snow, so look for an icy mix at best even in the higher terrain. The bottom line here is this stuff is all VERY light so there will be just periods of showery activity overnight with isolated icy spots.

Warm temperatures overtake the entire state by Saturday morning so any remaining precipitation will fall as rain showers. With the warm front hanging around we are going to have a hard time seeing much in the way of sunshine even through the afternoon. As a result I'm going to call it mostly cloudy with a chance of sprinkles. Even with this lack of sun look for temperatures to push into the mid and upper 40s, especially across southern and central Maine.

That warm air keeps flowing in for Sunday and we drop the chance of showers. Again I have my doubts about the amount of sun we will see (it's really hard to get a January thaw WITH sun because of the warm front setup required to get the unusual air mass in place), so once again we will call it mostly cloudy. IF we are able to get more sun we could easily get into the mid 50s over southern Maine, but as it stands I'm forecasting 45-51 F. Still pretty balmy.

The warmth is short lived as a cold front swings through Monday afternoon.

In fact, looking at the midrange models, I see some of the coldest air this season lurking for next Thursday/Friday.

I also see myself lurking towards the work fridge (where previously alive food becomes alive again over time) for lunch.

See ya!





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