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6:50 PM, Dec 31, 2012   |    comments
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PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - In the year 2012, our website, saw around 11 million hits. So what were the most clicked on local stories?

We'll start with number 5:

Well we're actually starting on a sad note... The number five most viewed story was the passing of Togus the cat. Togus the cat was Don Carrigan's much loved cat and also our STORM CENTER mascot. The station also established a fund in Togus's memory, which as of today raised: $2,931.29

The money donated is going towards animal welfare, and shelters across the state, we should mention too that you can still make a donation at any TD Bank.

4. Well it was no shock to us how high this ranked, but it certainly was a shock the night it happened. The earthquake from this past fall. It initially came in as a 4.5, but then was later reduced to a 4.0 This was a very big story on Facebook and Twitter, but also a combined 65,000 hits on our website.

We should mention too that there were big stories about the earthquake, both ranked at pretty much the same number of views, but in-between them was a little story called "Bruce Glaser through the years. So I think we can give Bruce an honorable mention.

3. Our NEWS CENTER election results. It was a very busy election year with the senate race here in Maine, the gay marriage question and of course the presidential election.

2. Possibly the most talked about news story coming out of Maine this year, the Kennebunk police department releasing the list of alleged clients in the prostitution case. There were different stories on our website about this case and if yo combined them, they would probably be number one, but this one specific story comes in as the number 2 most locally viewed story on our site.

And making our way to number one, what was the most viewed local story on our website?

1. It was... Caucus vs. Primary: What's the difference? This was a story filled by Danielle Waugh in January. She sat down with University of Maine Political Science Professor Mark Brewer to have him explain what the difference are between the two.

Let's switch gears now and look at the most popular photo galleries on our website?

5. The photo galleries on our website a extremely popular and coming in at number 5 is a very recent story, the Portland Water Main break.

4. A gallery from June... We saw a heavy amount of rain over the weekend of June 2nd. These images are of various locations throughout the state.


3. This past summer we teamed up with Patrick Dempsey and the Dempsey Challenge, our photo gallery from that day was number 3.


2. Togus the cat from over the years. This was a series of photos Don Carrigan gave us to share of Togus's life. Some images of Togus hard at ork on STORM CENTER days and some lovely images of Togus with the family and meeting his fans.

And the number one most viewed photo gallery from 2012?

1. The effects of Hurricane Sandy in Maine. While Sandy wasn't as powerful in Maine as it was in New Jersey and New York, it still was quite a sight and we received many photos from across the state to show what was happening on that day.



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