Traveling is slow in the storm

7:31 PM, Dec 27, 2012   |    comments
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LEWISTON, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - It was tough going out on the roadways today, especially inland where communities were expected to get the most snow from this storm.

 On the Maine Turnpike it was slow going all day. With many government offices and businesses closed, along with many people on vacation, traffic was very light. That gave road crews the room they needed to get their work done. It all so made for few incidents that police had to respond to.

In Lewiston the city streets were also quiet except for the rumble of public works crews. The city had a full contingent out on the roadways, 20 plows and 6 salt and sand trucks.

"Knew that we were going to have folks come in early this morning. We had our sand operators in about 3am and our plow operators in the regular time about 7am. They'll work 16-hours then we'll bring some additional help in", said Megan Bates Deputy Director of Lewiston Public Works.

With the first significant snowfall of the season comes parking bans.They are in effect in both Lewiston and Auburn and they will last until 6am tomorrow morning in both communities.















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