Saddleback Mountain prepares for snowfall, big business changes

7:44 PM, Dec 26, 2012   |    comments
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RANGELEY, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- No matter how much snow tomorrow's storm brings, Saddleback Mountain ski resort in Rangely already has 40 inches from an eight-day stretch of snowfall, ending last week.

Saddleback General Manager Chris Farmer said the snow report is likely to bring big business to an already record-breaking year.

His crews were preparing for Thursday's storm on Wednesday afternoon.

"All my crews are out pushing all the large snowbanks we already have back," Farmer said. "We're hauling away snow, which is unusual for this time of year."

As Saddleback staff prepares for more snowfall, they're also preparing for changes in the business structure.

Last month, the Berry family, which owns the mountian, put the resort up for sale.

Listed at $12 million, Faith Berry said they're considering a number of options.

She said they could either sell the 400 acres outright, bring in a new partner or investor, or turn the business into a nonprofit.

But, she said, the sale isn't a sign of business going downhill.

"The mountain is getting bigger, the mountain's getting more popular," said Berry.

"When you think going forward, right now we have limited housing, we don't have a hotel. Really, we have to go to the next step at some point in time."

The family, which has owned the mountain for the last 10 years, said it hopes to finalize a deal by the end of 2013.


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