Armed "open carry activist" creates stir in Portland neighborhood

3:43 PM, Dec 26, 2012   |    comments
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PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - There was a scare in Portland's Parkside neighborhood Monday.

Police received dozens of calls of a man walking around carrying an AR-15 assault rifle - the same type of weapon used in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings.

When confronted by police, the man identified himself as an open carry activist, exercising his second amendment right.

Police let the man continue on his way but kept an eye on him as he roamed the area for another 2.5 hours before leaving without incident.

The president of the Maine Gun Owner's Association (MGOA) says that the activist is not representative of their group or of the majority of Maine gun owners.

In a media release, MGOA President Jeff Weinstein says:

While I fundamentally support the right to openly carry firearms, that right is accompanied with the responsibility to employ sensible behavior during the exercise of the open-carry right. Alarming people unnecessarily is not the intended purpose of open-carry.

Weinstein says that the public display of the assault rifle is "not conducive to building trust between gun owners and those without guns."

UPDATE: This article was updated at 3:40 PM Wednesday, 12/26/12 to include comments from Jeff Weinstein, President of the Maine Gun Owner's Association.


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