Local firefighters urge residents to check smoke detectors

9:12 AM, Dec 25, 2012   |    comments
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ORONO, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- In the last two months six lives have been lost as a result of deadly house fires that may have been prevented had the homes been equipped with working smoke detectors. Sunday's fatal fire in Orono left two brothers dead and investigators found no working smoke detectors.

Lieutenant Scott Luciano with the Orono Fire Department said, "It's a really simple thing that could mean the difference of life or death...We see it all the time where we have fires that are put out quickly because the occupants find the fires, they are alerted by the smoke detectors, they call us, and that makes all the difference."

Local fire fighters are encouraging residents to prevent more fatal fires from happening by making sure your home is equipped with properly installed and working smoke detectors.

Luciano said, "Nobody wants to go through this. We don't want to go through this as responders, families don't want to lose friends or family."

According to the Orono fire fighter a few simple rules can make all the difference. First, check your smoke detectors once a month. Second, change your batteries when you change your clocks back for daylight saving. Finally, replace smoke detectors every ten years.

When you are deciding where to place smoke detectors, Luciano suggested having at least one outside every bedroom and one on every floor of your home.

"Smoke detectors save lives and we see it all the time," said Luciano.

Smoke detectors are available at the Orono Fire Department.

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