Crisis Management Institute weighs in on Sandy Hook

8:57 PM, Dec 17, 2012   |    comments
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BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- Many parents are faced with the issue of whether or not to discuss the Sandy Hook tragedy with their own children. Monday students and teachers returned to school faced with the obstacle of discussing the events.

Director Cheri Lovre with the Crisis Management Institute urges parents and educators to not ignore the issue, "The problem is even if we could protect our own children they are going to hear about it on the bus. What we don't want is for kids to kid of cook on those fears without knowing as adults and without giving them some of our insight. I think it's more important to talk with children than to let them hear from someone their age and has no wisdom."

Local schools were sent a packet of tips and guidelines for parents, teachers, and administers to follow in the days to come.

According to Lovre, some adults shy away from having conversations with their little ones because they do not have the perfect answer.

Lovre said the perfect answer does not exist, "What is really important is for kids to just feel like you are holding them a little closer. That you're really willing to listen to anything they want to tell you."

The Crisis Management Institute suggests parents do not hide the truth, but offer children minimal answers. It is important that the children asks the follow-up questions.

Lovre added, "Respect the integrity of the child and the integrity of the question, make it developmentally appropriate. That means for very young children very pragmatic to the point, but not at all graphic. You don't have to get too graphic or add graphic detail or gore or any of that. It can stay very much away from that and just ask them what they know or tell them what it is that happened.And what you what them to know is that you at home or their school is really doing all kinds of things to keep kids safe."

The Crisis Management Institute has resources for both parents and teachers available on their website.


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