Texas police are searching for two men posing as officers

5:23 PM, Dec 13, 2012   |    comments
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HOUSTON, Texas (KPRC) -- Police in Houston, Texas are searching for two men posing as officers.

The two men terrorized a woman as she left her southeast Houston home on Wednesday.

The woman said she walked out the front door of her home and as she turned after locking her gate, she saw two men pointing guns at her.

The woman said the men spoke Spanish and claimed to be police officers. She said they wore T-shirts with "POLICE" written across their chests.

The men claimed to be there to serve a warrant for her arrest.

The woman said she knew that was not true because she had not done anything wrong. She said she also noticed that the men were not wearing uniform pants or belts, and there was not a patrol car around.

When one of the men tried to grab her car keys, the woman broke free and ran to a neighbor's home. The men jumped in their car, a white Ford Mustang, and left. She said it appeared to be a 1980s model.

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