Plymouth residents putting up a stink about local sewage plant

7:24 PM, Dec 12, 2012   |    comments
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PLYMOUTH, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- A processing plant in Plymouth is causing quite a stink among residents. Some homeowners complain the stench coming from the plant is unbearable and forcing them to stay inside. 

Lisa Seavey of Plymouth described the smell, "Go to the ballgame in 93 degree weather..go in the port-a-potty stick your head in there and leave it there and that's what we smell constantly...You just have to experience it. Once you've experienced it you'll never forget it because it's an odor that will stay with you."

 Wednesday residents met with the Department of Environment Protection and the President of Soil Preparation Inc. to demand some changes. State Representative Ken Fredette helped organize the event.

Representative Fredette said, "The community had experience this for a very long time and it was a problem. It was time for government to get involved and actually do something which frankly, I don't think they have done in an effective way in the past."

The Newport representative said the current laws in place are subjective and the state needs stricter odor nuisance laws.

Carla Hopkins an Environmental Specialist with the Department of Environmental Protection said, "

In the past we have dealt with nuisance odors and we have given out violations based on the rules that are in place now. So I believe there are ways to do that....Odors are very difficult they are very subjective and hard to quantify."

The state handed out an odor violation to Soil Preparation Inc. before. The plant's president, Philip McCarthy, said his company has been working to cut down on the odor for the last three years by removing waste from the plant site.

McCarthy said the plant plans to build a new facility that is more eco-friendly, "It's all that new green technology type stuff, it's self supporting so we won't have to use additional fuels or anything like that. We use the materials itself and it dramatically changes the outlook and footprint of soil preparation."

Soil Preparation plans to be in its new improved facility by January 2014. Workers said getting the permits to build will take a long time.

Some residents, like Linda Seavey, think that is not soon enough.

Seavey said, "I want it to be a clean footprint we leave for our grandchildren, not something we've been putting up with for over the last ten years here...I want to be able to enjoy my home to be able to enjoy what time we have here left."

Representative Fredette plans to introduce a resolution to put stricter guidelines on odor regulations.



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