6 Who Care award winner retires from volunteer "job"

6:55 PM, Dec 12, 2012   |    comments
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SCARBOROUGH, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- A rocking stool may be the last piece of adaptive equipment that Tom Morgan helped invent for The Pine Tree Society's Kids' Project. It's just the kind of project Morgan liked: Sturdy, useful, and an improvement on the one-legged stools currently used to help kids balance or stop fidgeting. Unlike those, the one that Morgan and a fellow volunteer came up with doesn't tip over when you stand up. Morgan's goal has always been to perfect each product.

"If you're making an intricate joint and you are very careful, you cut it right, you glue it right, it's terribly satisfying. You've made a good piece," Morgan said.

Morgan began making adaptive equipment for children with disabilities 14 years ago, when he started volunteering with the Pine Tree Society's Kids' Project. His dedication earned him a 6 Who Care Award in 2005. Wednesday, he said goodbye to his retirement "career."

"Felt like it was time to knock it off," Morgan said. "You reach stages in your life where things change. Period. It happens. You should plan on them, look forward to them. They're going to happen. I mean, none of us are going to get out of here. We're going to go someday, might as well figure it out. "

Jeremy Lucas, the director of the Kids' Project said, "It's very bittersweet to see him go, but I know he's passed on everything that he knows. And I feel very comfortable with those volunteers that he's shared his knowledge with."

On Wednesday, Lucas told Morgan that the stool he perfected will be called the "Tom Stool." Like the stool, Morgan has left the Pine Tree Society's Kids' Project more stable than he found it.

The Kids' Project sells adaptive equipment to schools, therapy providers and parents. To learn more, you can visit its website by clicking here.


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