Bar Harbor looking at options to control deer population

6:58 PM, Dec 4, 2012   |    comments
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BAR HARBOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- It can be a welcome sight to see a deer in the park, but some residents in Bar Harbor feel that the deer have become a problem.

One resident in Bar Harbor said that in the last couple of years the deer have been eating a lot of her plants and hedges. Bar Harbor town council member Gary Friedmann said the council has heard several complaints about the alleged increase in the deer population.

Friedmann said the council has met with the department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife and one of the recommendations from Inland Fisheries and Wildlife was to have a controlled bow hunt.

"One of the things that IF&W recommended is something that worked really well in Castine which is a bow hunt, with options for property owners to opt out of having the hunt take place on their lands," Friedmann said

Friedmann said the council has asked IF&W about trying to control the deer population without a hunt, but he said IF&W told them that there is not another option that is economically feasible.


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