Small earthquake hits Southern Maine

6:22 PM, Dec 4, 2012   |    comments
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Earthquake hits Maine

WATERBORO, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - Another earthquake rattled Southern Maine.

 This one is considered small, measuring just 2.3. It hit this morning around 6-15 in Waterboro, not far from the earthquake that shook the entire state back in October. That one was measured at 4.0 and was the strongest earthquake to hit Maine in nearly 40-years.

It may seem unusual to have two quakes hit in such a short period of time in the same area, but there's a good reason behind it.

"I don't think this means that the Hollis area is any less stable than any other part of the state. I probably would suggest that it's an aftershock of that 4.0", said Bob Marvinney, State Geologist.

Geologically speaking Maine is much different than other earthquake prone areas out west, but that doesn't mean we couldn't experience a big one someday.

"It could happen and it could happen any time it's just not terribly likely", Marvinney said.

While an earthquake causing major damage here would be rare don't be surprised feel the earth shake again here soon because more aftershocks are likely.













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