Mild Monday

2:09 PM, Dec 3, 2012   |    comments
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Today feels more like a spring tease than a late fall warm up. Everything is kind of wet and dewy, it's mild in the sun but chilly in the shade, and people are "overreaction dressing" with shorts and t-shirts. (Overreaction dressing is an established phenomenon in the Northeast. Shorts when it's 50 F on April 15th but pants, layers and a stylish hat when it's 50 F on Sept 1st.)

Rest of today: The warmest temperatures are across southwest Maine, with mid 50s popping up there. Meanwhile it's much cooler in the mountains with highs topping out in the upper 30s. The reason is two fold: 1) the warm air hasn't made it past the boundary of the higher terrain 2) there is cloud cover over the mountains with sunshine along the coastline. Nothing will really change for the rest of the afternoon, southern spots will stay mild and bright while the mountains remain socked in. (One interesting note is that the winds are out of the northwest today. It's VERY rare to get into the 50s in December on a northwest's typically south or southwest)

Tonight: Although temperatures were mild during the day, look for surprisingly cool overnight readings. With clear skies temperatures will drop into the 20s across the interior and right around freezing along the coastline. There could be some patchy fog, and patchy freezing fog over northern parts.

Tuesday: Morning sunshine will quickly give way to increase clouds from the west. By the the afternoon the entire state will be mostly cloudy as a front approaches. There COULD be a few stray showers across western Maine late in the afternoon, but I think it's more likely that the precipitation holds off until the evening as the boundary gets closer. Temperatures will stay mild, upper 40s to low 50s.

The cold front comes through Tuesday night, but since temperatures are so warm look for basically all rain. The only exception may be the higher terrain mixing with sleet, but even there it will be tough to get any accumulation.

The front will stall a bit on Wednesday so the first half of the day will be cloudy with rain showers before some late afternoon clearing dries us up.

Behind the front on Thursday look for MUCH colder temperatures and gusty winds.

We stay cool and quiet for Friday before warming back up a bit on Saturday.

Another reason my wife rocks other than the obvious lowering of her standards to marry me: I mentioned in yesterday's blog that we purchased a roughly 8.5-9' Christmas tree on Sunday morning. Well, APPARENTLY, I didn't do the best job securing said bundle of holiday woodsy joy to its stand. So, an hour later, while watching football in the living room it started to fall towards 1) our 12 lbs dog 2) our couch 3) our chandelier. I saw this happening but couldn't process it fast enough. Meanwhile my 115 lbs wife jumps up off the couch, grabs the tree with one hand and saves the day while still having a free hand to munch on her chocolate chip cookie. As if it wasn't already clear enough who wears the pants...

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