Some light coastal snow possible Saturday

1:58 PM, Nov 30, 2012   |    comments
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This is a great day on many levels. It's Friday, it's sunny AND it's the last day I have to endure this ridiculous, red tinted mustache taking up space on my face. (People ask me if it was hard to be on TV with the stache and I argued it wasn't that bad to be on air because everyone knew why I was doing it. It was HARD when I walked into Shaws at 10 PM on a Tuesday night with a long winter trench coat brushing right up against my creepy facial hair)

Rest of today: Cold. Mostly sunny skies do little to temper the frigid feeling across most of the state. Temperatures are largely in the mid 20s which isn't horrible, however winds are gusting to 20-25 MPH and that is producing a windchill in the teens along the coastline and single digits in the mountains.

Tonight: Frigid. Mostly clear skies and lighter winds allow temperatures to really drop off. Look for teens along the coastline, single digits inland and below zero readings in the mountains. Our coldest night of the season so far. (Also: SUPER dry. If you have a humidifier I suggest using it tonight or when you wake up your lips will feel like rhino skin).

Saturday: As a warm front tries to nudge into southern New England look for a classic "overrunning" scenario to setup. What I mean is that the warm air from the frontal boundary will "run" over the top of the cold air in place from the night before. (Remember, the key to clouds and precipitation is to get warm air to that's exactly what is going on in this situation.) Still, typically these events don't produce heavy precipitation so I'm looking for some light snow to develop over southern Maine in the morning (much of it evaporating before hitting the ground at first) and then become locally enhanced and move into the Midcoast by the afternoon. I've produced a snowfall map under the "Weather Extra"...nothing big but a few localized 1-2" amounts are possible along the coastline with some marine convergence occurring. Away from southern and Midcoast Maine however will just be a mixture of sun and clouds and quiet. Highs will be in the low to mid 30s.

Saturday Night: The warm front will continue to push northward producing some light snow eventually changing over to light rain along the coastline as the warm air rides in. There could be some brief freezing rain in the foothills and mountains late Saturday night as the cold air is stubborn to move out. I don't think it'll be a big deal but let's keep an eye on it for travel purposes.

Sunday: Now that the warm front will be to the north look for mostly cloudy conditions, warmer temperatures and scattered RAIN showers. There shouldn't be too much in the way of shower activity during the daylight hours, but it will definitely fall in a liquid form with temperatures in the mid to upper 40s.

Some more widespread rain will occur Sunday night as a cold front pushes through but we will emerge on Monday morning with sunshine.

Monday and Tuesday actually look really nice with a mixture of sun and clouds and MILD temperatures pushing into the low 50s.

Insane snow lovers update: No big storms in sight still...


I will emerge triumphantly without the stache tomorrow morning. :-) It'll kind of be a Groundhog Day situation..."Keith emerges and doesn't see his mustache. Six more weeks of employment!"




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