L.L. Bean distribution center bustles on Cyber Monday

6:02 PM, Nov 26, 2012   |    comments
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FREEPORT, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- According to the National Retail Federation, more people are expected to shop online this Cyber Monday than last. Many retailers offer special online only deals to entice people to buy.

L.L. Bean expects holiday orders to kick into high gear starting Cyber Monday, but it is not expected to be Bean's busiest day of the season. The company's Freeport distribution center aims to ship out up to 100,000 orders Cyber Monday, but up to 150,000 the first Monday in December. That's because there's an extra week between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year, and a lot of people don't go shopping until December.

Bean's is expecting more orders this Cyber Monday than last, though, and part of the reason is the weather. Barb Wood, Bean's Senior Manager of Direct Channel Operations said, "If you remember last December, the temperatures were warm. There was no snow. Already this year, the temperatures are lower, there's some snow being predicted out there. We do like to keep track of the weather because it does impact the orders that the customers place."

For most of the year, L.L. Bean has 800 workers in its distribution center. But it hired on another 1200 seasonal workers for the holiday season. The goal is to have packages leave the center the day after a person orders them online. In December, though, they can get backed up and the true deadline becomes for the packages to arrive before Christmas.


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