Biddeford workers brace for Hostess plant closure

7:59 PM, Nov 16, 2012   |    comments
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BIDDEFORD, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - Hostess has announced it is shutting down its operation leaving more than 18,000 workers across the country out of work.

The move affects more than 300 employees at the plant in Biddeford, where workers have been involved in a bitter strike that started one week ago. It's a tough blow for the workers to lose their jobs right before the holidays, but many of them say they expected this. They say they swallowed big cuts when the company went through bankruptcy the first time several years ago. When the company filed again for Chapter 11 last year it eventually asked for an 8 percent wage cut and stopped funding the employees' pension fund.

Workers say they'd rather start over and find new jobs than to stay with this company. Union officials say from what they've heard the shutdown in Biddeford is already underway.

"We hear from the sources that we have that they are shutting down production in fact we're hearing its done and now they're beginning the clean up and prep process to shut the facility down", said Union Representative John Jordan.

The hope is that another company will come in and reopen the plant. It's fairly new, modern and has a fast production line. But there are no guarantees and everyone must now plan for the worst.


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