Police investigate gun brought to elementary school

6:18 PM, Nov 16, 2012   |    comments
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PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - Portland Police are investigating after a student at Riverton Elementary school brought an unloaded gun to school this morning.

Assistant Portland Police Chief Vern Malloch said the 10-year old boy showed the gun to a friend.  The friend told the boy he should not have the gun, and brought the gun to a teacher, who alerted school officials.  Those school officials then called the police and put the school into lockdown. Police quickly determined there was no other threat, and school continued as usual.  Malloch said both the friend and school officials acted exactly as they should.

"Things I want to stress here, no one was hurt," Malloch said. "There was no threat made with the gun."

Police are still investigating where the gun came from. They plan to issue the boy a summons, "not necessarily looking for a criminal conviction, but more to get him into the system so we can get help and find out how he had access and how he was able to get a gun into school, and see if there are other services that are needed," Malloch said.

Parents we spoke to say they received an automated phone call this morning telling them about the gun and that their kids were safe.  A few came to pick their kids up when they got the news.

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