Watergate reporter Bob Woodward on Maine politicians

8:06 PM, Nov 15, 2012   |    comments
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PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - Pulitzer Prize winning investigative reporter Bob Woodward is in Maine.

He was stopping by USM to give a talk about American Presidents, from Nixon to Obama, their successes and failures.

We caught up with the man who broke the Watergate scandal as a reporter with the Washington Post to talk about Maine politicians, from our newest Senator Angus King....

"He's probably going to get a cold shower because there is a lot of partisanship. But when you say he's a newcomer, I don't know him but I know his background. He sounds like he's had a lot of experience and a lot of governing experience. Probably smart to caucus with the Democrats because they're the majority in the Senate and that's where you're voice is going to have the greatest impact", Woodward said.

To Olympia Snowe's decision to leave the Senate.... "Olympia Snowe is right. The gridlock is appalling. I can understand her frustrations. She was one of the people who would compromise and get her views included in the compromise. And if everyone in the center is going to walk away you're going to get more polarization rather than less", Woodward said.

Woodward says he loves Mainers who have been in Washington because of their independence, especially Bill Cohen who was pivotal in removing President Nixon from office after Watergate.

"As a Republican Cohen led a group that was oriented toward the facts and started looking at the tapes and what happened and the payoffs and the corruption and rebeled, led a rebellion against the President in his own party as a very young man", Woodward said.

Woodward's talk at USM sold out with all the proceeds going towards general scholarships at the school.









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