Hero's jacket washes ashore

2:53 PM, Nov 15, 2012   |    comments
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SANDY HOOK BAY, New Jersey (WNBC) -- A mystery has unfolded in Sandy Hook Bay, New Jersey where a military jacket belonging to a World War II hero was found amid the wreckage of Sandy.

Donna Gugger and other members of the Sandy Hook Bay Catamaran Club were sifting through piles of debris on the devastated shore this week when she found the jacket.

"It was partially buried... about three-quarters of the way under the sand," said Gugger, who has seen everything from large metal file cabinets to pieces of wood and dock washed up on the shore.

"It had these really pretty brass buttons that caught my eye," she said, comparing it to a Sergeant Pepper jacket.

But then Gugger noticed the label sewn inside the jacket: West Point was printed on it, and the name "Degavre" was written by hand.

She called West Point, and the academy confirmed the jacket belonged to Chester deGavre, a World War II hero with a silver medal for bravery

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