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Hope Haven Homeless Shelter serving hot meals again

7:05 PM, Nov 9, 2012   |    comments
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LEWISTON, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Six months without serving a hot meal has meant six months of uncertainty for the future of the Hope Haven Homeless Shelter in Lewiston.

After receiving a donation to upgrade kitchen equipment, the shelter director is certain their service will continue -- he's just not certain who he should thank. 

In August, Pastor John Robbins received an email from someone offering to pay for any upgrades the kitchen needed to get back in business.

At first, Robbins wasn't sure if the offer was too good to be true. Eighteen thousand dollars in donations later, the new kitchen equipment and electrical system is a reality.

"All we can do is express our heartfelt gratitude on the occasions that we can do it, and hope they see it," he said.

In the six months without hot meals, traffic coming through the shelter has slowed.

In the first week with the new kitchen, it has started to pick back up, and Robbins expects the shelter to get back to its usual 75 meals per day in the near future.

He said the new kitchen equipment comes at just the right time -- with the holiday season bringing the busiest time of the year.


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