Portland ready for winter weather

12:25 AM, Nov 8, 2012   |    comments
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PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Public Services has been gettting ready for this storm and the rest of the winter.

The city has plenty of resources to combat winter weather this year. Last winter, Portland used less than half the amount of road salt it usually does.

Trucks were loading up with that road salt to use for the snow the city is expected to get Wednesday night. For more serious snow and ice events this season, the city is teaming up with the Maine Department of Transportation to make brine to pre-treat the roads. 

"Particularly because we're strategic in where we apply it, it just allows us to be more efficient with the rest of our equipment and it certainly promotes more safety for motorists and pedestrians on our streets and sidewalks" Portland Public Services Director Michael Bobinsky said.

City officials are reminding drivers to be cautious in any messy weather. They say it's especially important in areas where they are doing road work.


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