Swastikas scrawled on Stockton Springs church

10:36 PM, Nov 7, 2012   |    comments
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STOCKTON SPRINGS, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - Question one was a hot button issue in this election with many church groups opposed to gay marriage. The congregation at the Stockton Springs Community church think they may have been targeted by vandals because of their belief in traditional marriage.

Pastor Steven DeGroff with Stockton Springs Community Church said, "I was attacked for my strong beliefs on what the Bible says...Because of a stand we took based on our Biblical principles, we are branded now with the same group of people that actually wanted to kill homosexuals and kill jews. We are not anywhere near that."

According to DeGroff, the church placed "No on Question One" signs on the lawn and the next morning the church was covered with swastikas. The symbols of hate were painted on the front door of the church and on both sides of the signs on the church's lawn.

The congregation wants the community to respect their opinions as they respect theirs.

"We live in America and people can have opposing views, but we don't have to call each other names and that's the way I felt...and what saddened me," said DeGroff.

The pastor, however, said the backlash and results of election night will not stop him from believing a traditional marriage is between a man and a woman.

"People can see this on TV and say well that's your interpretation. Yes it is and I'm going to stay with what I believe," said DeGroff.











The Waldo County Sheriff's department continues to investigate the vandalism. They have yet to find any evidence that this was the work of people upset with those who opposed same-sex marriage.

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