Sandy storm cleanup

6:47 PM, Nov 1, 2012   |    comments
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(NBC) - Residents in the Northeast are still struggling to recover from the impact of Hurricane Sandy.

In many areas crews are moving the mess that sandy left behind, but in some of the hardest hit communities like Oceanside, New Jersey there are no recovery teams or residents yet, and frustrations are building.

Officials aren't letting anyone in because they fear natural gas explosions.

Supplies and support are pouring in, water by the truckload, troops and heavy equipment, but the need is still so overwhelming.

Subway trains are slowly coming back on line in New York City, but thousands wait for buses in Brooklyn, while cars try to inch back into the city.

Hundreds of thousands will likely be without power until next week.

Around that same time, forecasters warn a winter storm could again hammer the region.

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