Tree falls through home and hits Buxton woman

5:40 PM, Oct 30, 2012   |    comments
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BUXTON, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- By Tuesday afternoon, York County was still dealing with the most outages in the state; most specifically, the town of Buxton.

The people NEWS CENTER spoke with in Buxton say their biggest issue last night was the wind, knocking a lot of trees down.

In fact, that wind even knocked a tree right on top of a home on Rocky Dundee Road. Jan Wales was lying in bed around 8:20 Monday night, when a tree broke through her roof and landed on top of her.  Luckily, she suffered just a minor scratch on her forehead; though she had triple bypass surgery 3 weeks ago, so you can bet a tree coming through her home wasn't great for her heart.

Other areas of Buxton continue to clean up the debris that fell. The town was one of the only ones in the state to open a shelter. No one stayed overnight, but a few people did swing in to utilize a hot shower and charge up some batteries.

Chief Grovo does have a very important piece of advice for those cleaning up from the storm: if you do have a tree on a line in front of your home, do NOT attempt to remove it yourself. He says a lot of people right now are running generators and some of those can be backfeeding into the powerlines; meaning, if you go near the tree, you could be electrocuted. Call the power company and stay away.


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