Supreme Court holds sessions at Bucksport High

7:07 PM, Oct 26, 2012   |    comments
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BUCKSPORT, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Students at Bucksport High School normally learn about Maine's Judicial system from a textbook, but today they got to experience a trial first hand.

Bucksport High School's gymnasium was transformed into a court room Friday when Maine's Supreme Judicial Court held three of it's appeal cases at the school. Students, teachers, and faculty were on hand to witness the trials first hand and get a feel for how the state's highest court is held. "It brings a much deeper understanding of our judicial system in the State of Maine and also the way our government works in the State of Maine," says teacher Kim Laplant.

The Justices heard real testimony from all three cases. Bucksport High was the last school of three they visited after holding trials at Biddeford and Brunswick High school earlier this month. Chief Justice Leigh Saufley hopes that students from each of the three schools come away understanding how trials affect their everyday lives "I'm actually hoping that the students come to understand that what happens in the courts is very, very important and that for their world to continue to be the world we think of; free, lots of opportunity, where all of their rights are protected, the court system is something that has to be a core function of government and has to be supported throughout," says Chief Justice Saufley.

The final rulings in the three cases that were heard at the school Friday won't be decided for at least another couple of months.


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