Catholics have mixed reaction to Bishop's stand on gay marriage

5:27 PM, Oct 26, 2012   |    comments
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PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- A statement by the former Roman Catholic bishop of Maine urging parishioners to vote 'no' on legalizing same-sex marriage November 6th, continues to draw reaction from both sides of the issue.

Bishop Richard Malone is now the bishop of Buffalo, but he is still is the head of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Portland until his replacement is found. Thursday, the Bishop said any Catholic who supports a redefinition of marriage or so called 'same-sex marriage' is unfaithful to Catholic doctrine.

Members of Catholics for Marriage Equality say the Bishop is overstepping the bounds of the church teaching by telling Catholics how they vote on an issue.  

"The Bishop is no more qualified to demand a vote or preach a political opinion than any other Catholic in the pews or any American citizen," said Anne Underwood the co-founder of Catholics for Marriage Equality.

"Many bishops across the country have issued similar statements at their local diocese level to help their parishioners make an educated and informed vote in November," said Suzanne Lafreniere of the Catholic Diocese in Portland.

Question 1 asks Maine voters if marriage licenses should be issued to same-sex couples.


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