Mystery mover in New Mexico

2:35 PM, Oct 26, 2012   |    comments
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ALBUQUERQUE, NM (KOB) - An Albuquerque, New Mexico family has had an unwelcome visitor not just once, but twice, a mysterious patio furniture re-arranger.

It happened the first time a week ago, then again Wednesday.

"It's been funny but it's kind of creepy to know that someone is coming on our property," says Angela Dentandt.

The woman has twice struck the home.

Surveillance footage shows her walking up to the Dentandt's front porch and moving around the family's patio furniture.

Dentandt said she just moves the furniture back.

The first time it happened, she thought it was the handy work of her daughter, but when that turned out to be false, she turned to the family's surveillance cameras.

The footage shows the woman walking by at about 8:00 a.m.

You can see her spot that the furniture has been moved back, and she moves in.

"I have no idea what she could be thinking," Dentandt said. "She looks around making sure no body is watching before she takes care of it."

Dentandt's husband, Carl, said the couple laughed about it at first.

"The second time you start thinking a little bit more about it - going something is wrong here," he said.

You can even spot the woman looking back to admire her handy work.

Carl Dentandt is shocked that she doesn't notice the cameras.

"It's in broad daylight and you can't miss the cameras that we have on our house," he said. "There's eight of them and their big and black. so, that person was just on a mission."

So after two unsolicited furniture moves the Dentandt's are hoping there won't be a third time.

"She decides to come by and wonder what our house looks like inside and what she can rearrange in there you know," Angela Dentandt said. "What if she tries to get in with one of our kids inside?"

The Dentandt's said they do not think it is a big crime to move their furniture around, but they said if it happens again, they will call the police.

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