Dreary Sunday, Mild Monday

7:51 AM, Oct 14, 2012   |    comments
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Yesterday was the perfect fall day to get out and finish up some of my Halloween preparation (if you don't already know Halloween is my favorite holiday). All and all it was a sucessful day as I 1) carved an accurate boogeyman out of a pumpkin using only a dull steak knife 2) convinced Paula to participate in the following couples costume: Me-Axl Rose Her-Slash and 3) watched "Prom Night" for the first time. (The costume thing was a big victory since Paula has gone as a "sexy (insert character here)"  for Halloween ever since I first met her in college. I get it, she looks great; but there is nothing better than a hilarious change of pace. She's going from a paint-on-tight spandex costume to dressing as a man...and an UGLY man at that...in under a year.)

Today: Precipitation is essentially statewide this morning as moisture streams in from a stalled out warm frontal boundary. Some of the precipitation fell in the form of snow overnight in the mountains and even across interior low-lying Maine with accumulation over 1" in spots. Snow is still ongoing as I type ( 8 AM) but warmer air will win out at all levels of the atmosphere by late morning and even tundra locations like Mount Washington will change over to rain. For the rest of the state look for periods of rain today with otherwise cloudy conditions. Judging by the pattern of moisture to our west, I highly doubt it will rain continuously today. Instead look for breaks of just cloudy conditions, followed up by periods of showers and light rain. I would love to pinpoint these periods for you but it's just not realistic in this type of flow. Temperatures will stay cool, however, with basically no sunshine and highs will top out in the low to mid 50s.

Tonight: The warm front shifts into northern Maine so look for continued rain to the north of Bangor. Meanwhile some clearing will take place over the rest of the state. It will still be mostly cloudy, but all points south of Bangor should remain dry through the night. Dense fog is likely to form in the valleys by early tomorrow morning. Temperatures will stay in the upper 40s to low 50s...not much of a spread when compared to Sunday's day time highs.

Monday: Most of Maine will be located in what us clever meteorologists call "The warm sector" between the warm front to our north and an approaching cold front over New York state. This setup will give us (you guessed it) mild flow from the southwest, allowing temperatures to push into the low 70s in spots. Now, just because it will be mild doesn't mean it will be all that sunny...in fact we are likely to end up mostly cloudy with a few peeks of sunshine. The best chance of somewhat prolonged sunshine will be along the coastline through around mid-day. As the trailing cold front approaches look for some scattered showers to break out during the afternoon. Coverage should be somewhat limited though, so it won't ruin the day.

Some light coastal rain is possible Monday night as a low pressure system develops just to our east. If you recall the computer models were in a big fight about Tuesday's weather as of yesterday morning with one creating a big rain storm and other giving us clear skies. Well, they've kissed and made up a bit (but one computer model will probably bring up this fight again in about 2 weeks). Now it looks like light coastal rain Monday night and some coastal showers through Tuesday morning before clearing to sunshine for Tuesday afternoon. (Exception: Downeast Maine will stay wet through most of the day).

Wednesday and Thursday look pleasant, dry and seasonable before an upper level low moves in for the weekend. I'm not saying next weekend will be a washout, but it's likely to be at least a bit unsettled.

By the way, I was watching "Prom Night" last evening and thinking "Oh come on you expect me to believe Jamie Lee Curtis is in high school still...she looks like she's 38!" (See picture here). But then I did a little Google research and realized the joke was on me. She was only 22 when they filmed the movie. I guess..s...she age..aged quickly?

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