Acadia Hospital launches new online mental health survey

6:28 PM, Oct 11, 2012   |    comments
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BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) --- Experts say one in five Americans today struggles with a mental illness and knowing if you have one early can make a huge difference in treating it.

Officials at Acadia Hospital in Bangor are launching a new feature on their website this week that can help with that. Thursday marked 'National Depression Screening Day' in the U.S. To recognize that, the hospital is offering a free and confidential survey on its website.

The short questionnaire can screen for disorders including anxiety and depression. After completion, the survey recommends any ailments a person could be suffering from as well as whether or not they should seek counseling.

"It really only takes a minute or two and it provides that nice sort of summary that will allow people to see sort of their own situation in a different way," said Alan Comeau, who is the spokesperson for Acadia Hospital, "and allow them to have more information moving forward to help them feel better."

Officials at Acadia say current medical knowledge of the brain, has made treatment of mental diseases more effective. The results of the online survey are not shared with anyone besides the person taking it.


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