Fit at Five: Junior Pirates

1:22 PM, Oct 16, 2012   |    comments
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  • With winter just around the corner it is time to hit the ice. On this Fit at Five we check out the Junior Pirates hockey program. Teaching kids at a young age skills that go far beyond just the ice.

    The youth and junior hockey organization trains over 300 kids from ages 4 up to 20. To say these kids are proud to call themselves Junior Pirates would be an understatement. Hockey requires a big commitment of time and travel, but both the kids and parents agree it's worth it. Some traveling as far as two hours away three days a week for workouts both on the ice and at the Parisi Speed School right in house.

    Coach Brad Church tells us how hockey played a role in his life as a young child.

    "A lot of the lessons that I learned through the game as a kid and as a professional have been instrumental as to who I am and who I hope my boys will be."

    "You know we really want to try to teach these kids that there is more to the game than just scoring points and winning games. You know the team work, the leadership, the character, and some of the life skills you can incorporate into coaching and teaching them are things that we try to focus on here."

    We have provided a link to the Junior Pirates for more information.



































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