Old Brewer Middle School will be turned into senior housing

9:04 PM, Oct 9, 2012   |    comments
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BREWER, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- Tuesday night the Brewer City Council passed a proposal to turn the old Brewer Middle School into senior housing.

Brewer Mayor Jerry Goss is hoping this proposal can provide senior citizens with more affordable housing. The old middle school sits on the corner of Somerset and Center Streets in Brewer.

Goss said after the old middle school became available, commissioners from the Brewer Housing Authority thought it would it would be a good location for senior housing. Goss said where the superintendent's office, gymnasium and alternative education program are located, will stay. The seniors that live in the new senior housing might have a chance to interact with new people.

"With seniors in the building, they'll be able to utilize that gym during the day for exercise, and the alternative ed kids can work with seniors, and what better way to build a relationship between young kids and seniors than through a little friendly exercise," Goss said

Goss said the next step of the project is, the Brewer Housing Authority needs to purchase the school and needs to apply for funding through the state before Oct. 25th.


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