Man walks from Maine to Florida to raise awareness of strokes

5:54 PM, Oct 9, 2012   |    comments
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BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- A California man walking from Maine to Florida after having four strokes stopped at Eastern Maine Medical Center today.

Mycle Brandy, who is walking to Miami, Florida, took time off his journey to speak with stroke patients at the Maine Rehabilitation Center at EMMC. Michael is trying to raise awareness about Stroke and tell patients that life can go on after a stroke. Michael says his first of 4 strokes happened in 1988 and he was in a wheel chair for over a year. Michael says he wants people to know if they stop things like smoking and fatty foods and other things that got them there in the first place, their health will get better.

Mycle says, "There is life after stroke and that pretty much what I do and tell people that there is and I ask everyone to get out at least walk to the mailbox or some kind of physical activity to keep from having future strokes."

Michael says he plans on stopping at other hospitals and rehabilitation centers all along the way down to Florida.

For more information about Mycle Brandy you can go to his web site at


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