Wiscasset stops bullying before it starts

1:35 PM, Sep 5, 2012   |    comments
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WISCASSET, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - Tuesday was the first day of class at the Wiscasset Middle School and students learned their first lesson before they even stepped inside their new homerooms.

While welcoming student back to school, the Wiscasset Middle School Civil Rights Team gently reminded students that at their school, all students should feel free from bullying and harrassment.

Teachers say that the idea of a student being afraid to get on the bus is heartbreaking and they don't want kids at Wiscasset Middle School feeling that way.

Kyle Beeton says the student civil rights team wants to make it clear, from all angles. Kids know its not okay to bully and harass-- this is school.

The school says today's action is not a response to any one incident, but it's just meant to be proactive.

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