The lack of water supply is making it hard for crews to douse the flames

2:07 PM, Aug 5, 2012   |    comments
Wildfire on Big Spencer Mountain in August, 2012. Courtesy: Maine Forest Service
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GREENVILLE, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- Maine Forest Rangers and firefighters have been working around the clock to douse the wildfire on top of Big Spencer Mountain.

Early yesterday afternoon authorities received the call from a construction crew working on the mountain.

According to Forest Ranger, Jon Blackstone, there is no water supply anywhere near the location of the wildfire and it has been a challenge for the crew trying to control the flames.

Blackstone said, "There really are no options for water other than trucking it in by helicopter and the same for our crews. Although we could climb the mountain to get there that opens us up to a lot of risk and time. So if we could bring our crews and water in by helicopter that makes it really our only option. So this is a very difficult fire in that respect."

A crew of eleven plus two helicopters are on the scene. Today's wind has not helped contain the acre wide blaze.

Blackstone predicts even with the weather cooperation, it will be Wednesday for authorities to gain control of the flames.

Due to the need for helicopters, Blackstone does request that local pilots remain out of the air space.

"It's natural for pilots to want to fly over and take a look at that, but if they could us a little elbow room. That would be best for safety's sake," warned Blackstone.

The cause of the wildfire is still under investigation.



















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