State Police try new tactic to catch distracted drivers

11:43 PM, Mar 10, 2012   |    comments
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(NEWS CENTER) - Since going into effect in September 2011, police have issued few tickets for texting while driving.

State Police have a clever way to boost those numbers.

On March 7th, NEWS CENTER found that between the communities of Bangor, Bucksport, Ellsworth and Orono just one texting while driving ticket had been issued.

The Secretary of State's office reported just two tickets had been issued in all of 2012.

There may soon be an increase though.

In a weekly report, State Police say their new tactic netted 23 citations in just one 4 hour period. The citations were for distracted driving in general, not just texting while driving.

Troopers cruised around in an unmarked van. While one drove, another would peer into passing cars and observe other drivers' activities.

They caught people texting, eating, reading and using their cell phone.

It was the largest number of citations for distracted driving since the texting provision went into effect in September.


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