Kids' stolen snowmobile replaced... and then some

6:27 PM, Jan 19, 2012   |    comments
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TOPSHAM, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Shane and Andrew Riley got a big surprise when they returned home from school on Wednesday.

Just before Christmas, their parents, Kendra and Scott Riley, discovered the child-sized snowmobile they had bought last year was stolen out of their yard.  "Very frustrating to think that somebody would clearly know that was a child's, a small child's snowmobile and take it for themselves or take it for money, just really made us angry."

The Rileys had bought the snowmobile on Craig's List, so they decided to post another ad there, offering a $100 reward if someone had information about who would have stolen the sled.  They didn't find out, but they did find some great people.  The ad was re-posted on and Team Maine Racing, and snowmobilers started donating to get the boys a new snowmobile. 35 individuals and businesses chipped in, and they raised $2,400, enough to buy two snowmobiles, plus a $300 gas card and a snowmobile club membership for the family.  The groups are donating the remaining money raised, about $300-400 dollars, to Pine Tree Camp.  The camp serves children and adults with both physical and developmental disabilities.

The boys were surprised with the snowmobiles on Wednesday, and immediately started driving around their yard.  Shane said, "We each have our own and they have our names on them, which we really like."

Kendra Riley said the generousity boggled her mind. "This is a huge life lesson for everybody," she said. "We'll tell the kids every year this story."

The Rileys said they had gone through just about every emotion over the past month, but now they are just very thankful.


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