Ticks still causing troubles thanks to warm temperatures

5:32 PM, Nov 11, 2011   |    comments
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SOUTH PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- With warmer fall temperatures, people and their pets are taking full advantage of Maine's outdoors. But with those warmer temperatures also means an extended risk for ticks and the diseases that come with along with them.

Last month, dog day care owner Julie Bernier noticed more dogs coming in with ticks.

"Even though we're using what we think are good preventative measures, some dogs are still getting bit by ticks," says Bernier.

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It can be a serious problem, especailly if the ticks go undetected.

Doctor Brian Graves, a veterinarian, says that it's typcial to see more ticks in the spring and fall, but with the warmer than average we've been having, he recommends doubling up on tick repellents.

"Some poeple will use a collar and a topical application in order to give a double dose of protection against ticks -- at least durring seasons that are worse," Dr. Graves told NEWS CENTER.

But it's not just your dog that needs protecting when walking in the woods or in the tall grass.

"You have to protect yourself," said Bernier. "Although dogs are 50% more likely than humans to get lyme disease. So your dog is actually more at risk than you as a human being."

If you find an engorged tick on yourself or your pet, you are advised to check in with your vet or doctor.


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