People's veto campaign kicks off

7:15 PM, Sep 15, 2011   |    comments
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AUGUSTA, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The fall election campaign has begun, and possibly the biggest ballot battle will be over voter registration.

Supporters of the co-called "People's Veto" formally launched their campaign in Augusta today. The group called Protect Maine Votes is trying to overturn a law passed by Republicans in the Legislature that would end election day voter registration. That law has been in place for nearly forty years, and some credit the law for keeping Maine a leader in voter turnout.

But Republicans claim the law makes it too easy for people to register illegally and commit voter fraud. In June, they passed a change that sets a deadline for registration of the Thursday before Election Day. The Peoples Veto petition drive has put the question out to all Maine voters to decide.

The coalition that supports the People's Veto is made up of 18 groups, most of which typically support Democratic Party issues. The Party itself is also part of the coalition.

Opposition to the Veto, meaning support for eliminating same-day registration, appears to be coming solely from the Republican Party. But despite those clear political lines, neither side so far will publicly claim the other party benefits more from same-day registration.





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