Governor urges businesses to address domestic violence

7:38 PM, Sep 7, 2011   |    comments
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FAIRFIELD, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Governor LePage is encouraging employers to prevent domestic violence. And Wednesday, he unveiled a new program to help do it.

The state is offering a free prevention toolkit through the Department of Labor that walks employers through the process of creating a domestic violence prevention policy. A good policy not only makes sure victims of abuse are supported at work and given access to programs that can help them, but also makes sure abusers know that their behavior will not be tolerated by the company, even if it occurs after work hours.
Governor LePage has signed an executive order, requiring all state agencies to develop a domestic violence prevention policy of their own. The governor says he wants abusers who do not take steps to change their behavior to be fired. "If there's anything I do as your governor, this is the one thing that I will continue throughout my administration to fight against," Gov. LePage said.

Businesses can get their free toolkits at the Maine Department of Labor, located at 54 State House Station in Augusta. They also can call 623-7900

And if you are the victim of domestic violence, you can always call the statewide hotline, 1-866-834-HELP.


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