Emergency engagement in Levant

1:32 PM, Sep 6, 2011   |    comments
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LEVANT, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- First came the sirens and flashing lights, then the hugs and tears as twin brothers and Levant firefighters Kyle and Kevin Holland proposed to their girlfriends from a fire engine.

At first it looked like the Levant Fire Department was responding to a call, as the engine tore out of the station, sirens blaring.

The brothers' girlfriends could see the truck from where they were standing at the Treworgy Family Orchards across the street.

The girls thought they were meeting their boyfriends for ice cream.

A crowd started to gather as the engine turned in and down the road to the orchard. The firefighters, who at first seemed to be in such a hurry, started to slowly file out of the truck and form a line leading to a confused, and nervously shaking 19 year old girl.

Kyle Holland was the last one out of the truck.

He walked past the line of firefighters and on-lookers and made his way to his girlfriend, Lily Noel, with a smile on his face, a ring in his hand, and a confident, purposeful strut in his step.

Noel put her hands to her mouth.

"I am so happy, it is indescribable," said Noel, surrounded by a circle of cheering and clapping friends and family.

Dwight McIntosh, one of the oldest members of the company, wiped a tear from under his eye.

But that wasn't the biggest surprise.

Among those clapping and hugging was Mary Rickar, the other brother's girlfriend.

She knew Kyle was proposing to Noel, and thought she was there to witness it and celebrate.

But then she saw Kevin with that identical smile make his way out of the crowd and walk to her.

"At first I thought, 'No way, he is not doing this. Then he did!" said Rickar.

When he started to take one knee, she said, "Are you serious?"

The next words out of her mouth were: "Yes, I will!"

For a plan so flawlessly executed, it all came together at the last minute.

Kyle had been planning to propose to Noel for awhile, but it was originally a solo venture.

A few hours before they met at the station, Kevin called his brother to ask if he could join him.

"I thought we've been dating for four years now. Today is the day. I'll share it with my brother," said Kevin.

Kyle was excited by the idea.

"I thought wow, this is going to be incredible. There's going to be so much emotion around, it's going to be crazy," said Kyle.

Though quick, it was an easy decision to propose together.

"He's my partner, my brother, my twin. We always had each other growing up," said Kyle. "How much more special could it be?"

No word yet on a joint wedding ceremony for the twins.


















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