Maine State Math Meet puts brain power on display

2:05 PM, Apr 6, 2011   |    comments
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PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Maine's schools offer some sort of activity for just about every student -- from the musically inclined to the athletic.

On Tuesday, some of the state's best math students put their brains to work in a battle for bragging rights in the state math meet.

Junior Ethan DiNinno from team Cape Elizabeth has the best state-wide score this year.

"I only got two problems wrong this year and one of them I actually had the right answer and I changed it to the wrong answer because I got nervous. That was rather embarrassing," said Ethan.

The room is full of valedictorians, students who have their choice of ivy league schools, loads of future scientists and researchers. Stiff necks aside, they really enjoy the challenge.

"It sounds kinda dull doing math, but the problems are different -- they're intestesting," said Brian Twitchell, coordinator of the meet. "They make you think in a different way than you have before -- and kids usually find that to be quite a challenge and quite enjoyable."

The mathletes don't get the same recognition as the athletes, but they deserve it. As one organizer put it, you might want to pay them more attention: They might be your boss some day.

The top schools from the meet include the Maine School of Science and Mathematics, Bangor High, Cheverus, Fryeburg Academy and Washington Academy. The top 35 students for the year were invited today to Pennsylvania for the national math meet.


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