Petrified Whoopie Pie unveiled as April Fools Day prank

6:02 PM, Apr 1, 2011   |    comments
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ORONO, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The Maine Whoopie Pie Association sent out a fake press release with the title "Maine Discovery Rocks Whoopie Pie Debate" 

The fake press release stated that a certified geologist at the Univeristy of Maine had indisputable proof that the whoopie pie was indeed created in Maine and not Pennsylvannia.

Both states have made claim to creating the creme filled confection and there is a bill before the Maine legislature to make the Whoopie Pie the official Maine desert.

Along with the release, there was a photograph of what appeared to be a petrified whoopie pie that was discovered in the town of Perry in Washington County.

Accoridng to the release,  UMaine Professor Emeritus Harold Borns junior said the whoopie pie was likely made by the Paleo Indians between ten and eleven thousand years ago.

"The chocolate crust has tranformed into a grey colored rock and the filling has changed into quartz and calcite," says Borns

Amos Orcutt  of the Maine Whoopie Pie Association is the creator of this elaborate hoax.

"Pennsylvania has to find something else to claim. This is now rock solid proof that Maine has the oldest woopie pie," Orcutt said. 


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