Mount Vernon Elementary

12:25 PM, Feb 22, 2011   |    comments
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Head Teacher Sara Caban reads to students.

At Mount Vernon Elementary School a clever bus driver and a resourceful teacher turned a bus behavior issue into an intergenerational reading program.  The Maranacook School district has K-12 students all on the same bus.  The bus routes for some students can last as long as 45 minutes.  All this makes for challenging behavior issues on the bus.  But rather than focus on bus slips and discipline the staff at Mt. Vernon decided to take that age diversity and flip it into their favor.  With the help of the bus driver the staff selected volunteer readers from the older students on the bus to read to the younger students.  Books were supplied and matches were made.  It was an instant success!  A full fledged reading program was then developed using a book mark system.   A student can read by themselves, they can read to others or they can be read to.  As they progress through their books they fill out their book mark.  When the book mark is full they turn it in for prizes at school.  At the classroom level when the students reach a particular level with their book marks they get a class pizza party with head teacher Sara Caban!  Caban says she would like nothing more than to spread this idea around.  If you are interested please email her at

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