Simply Small: Mainers part of the Tiny Home trend

6:32 PM, Feb 3, 2011   |    comments
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(NEWS CENTER) -- Could you live in a 400 square foot home? More and more Mainers are answering with a resounding "Absolutely!"

Built with green materials whenever possible and utilizing energy efficient appliances the homes not only cut down on fuel and living expenzes but they appeal to people's increasing will to live in an enviromentally conscious way. It appeals to some people who are being forced to downsize, but it appeals to many others who want to simplify and live as green as possible.

"What does one really need to live? And be comfortable?"says Bonnie Mattozzi. She and her husband built a 400-square foot home in Waterford.  (Mattozzi Maine Project) "We have the two bedrooms. so we have our privacy. Our son has his bedroom so he has privacy. We have the kitchen we have light."

Floor to ceiling windows not only provide passive solar heat, but give a greater sense of space.

"People can cut their energy bills to less than ten percent of what they pay to heat and power homes four or six times this size," says Mac Lloyd of Creative Cottages in Freeport. (Creative Cottages) Lloyd and his wife Lucy run the business out of their 960-square foot home in Freeport. While they will design and build space of any size ... they have always geared their work toward smaller homes with multi-use rooms and lots of windows.

So there's a lot of people that are moving in those directions," says Mac Lloyd. "Which is great - they're not just throwing up houses that are gonna be unenergy efficient which is good."

Here are more links to information on the Tiny Home Movement: Tiny Home Blog , Small House Society

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