Two Florida girls arrested for Facebook bullying

6:23 PM, Jan 14, 2011   |    comments
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ESTERO Fla. (NBC) -- Deputies say two Estero High School students created a fake Facebook account for a real person. They're accused of posing as their classmate, and posting pictures and comments so offensive, we can't repeat them here.

Deputies say these are real life mean-girls. The two teens are big trouble, busted by the FBI and Lee County Sheriff's Office for cyberbullying through the popular social networking site Facebook.

"The sole purpose of this page was to terrorize and embarrass a victim," Lt. Ryan Bell of the Lee County Sheriff's Office said.

Deputies say the 16-year-old victim had no idea. They tell us it started as a rift between the one-time friends. Sixteen-year-old Taylor Wynn and 15-year-old McKenzie Barker and the victim all went to Estero High School.

A student we spoke with says Taylor has since transferred. The student says Taylor is a nice girl and that her actions are surprising.

Deputies say the girls created the Facebook page last April to bully their classmate in a viscous way.

We can't repeat what the postings said, but the graphic statements suggested the girl was willing to perform various sex acts with men in the 239 area code.

According to reports, it was another Estero High School student who told authorities about the inappropriate page. It was shut down within a week. Detectives say they then created a second fake page attacking the girl yet again. It too was shut down.

As the for the reason, The arrest report states that Taylor Wynn told deputies she made the fake pages as a joke, because "nobody liked her."

But it's a crime, Bell said. "This isn't just kids making fun of each other, poking fun at each other."

There was no answer at Taylor's home when we went to ask about the felony charges. Deputies say the victim found out about the online attack from other students. The page had more 150 friends.

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