World champion draft horses return to Maine

6:18 PM, Dec 6, 2010   |    comments
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HARRISON, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Six world champions returned to Maine last month. They are Percherons -- huge draft horses that were originally used by knights in medieval times.

Today's Perchrons are bigger, stronger and blacker if they come from Tripp Crest Farms in Harrison.

Peter Tripp has been raising Percherons for the last 30 years and to say the least it was a thrill when his six mare hitch came home the winner.

"Unbeliveable," said Tripp. "It was what we hoped for. Could we achieve it? We hoped we could, but with that much competition at that level, it's like the super bowl."

The teams are judged over three days and the Tripp Crest hitch won narrowly over the second place team.

Percherons are big -- around 2,000 pounds. They eat a bale of hay and twenty pounds of oats every day. They drink all the water they want.

Percherons were bred to carry knights into battle and have a long and glorious history. At Tripp Crest Farm, they also have a bright future.






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