Dancing with the Stars: The Bistol Stomp?

7:41 AM, Nov 19, 2010   |    comments
Courtsey: www.babble.com
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NEW YORK (AP) -- If you suspected something was up with Bristol Palin staying around on "Dancing With the Stars" while other dancers with better judges' scores are being sent home -- your suspicions are being confirmed.

At least one right wing blogger has been calling on fellow conservatives to find ways around the limit ABC has imposed on the number of votes one person can cast for their favorite contestant on the show.

Some have been organizing vote parties and have even set up fake e-mail addresses and used other people's phones to flood the electronic ballot box in Palin's favor.

The blogger even suggests a political motive, saying having Bristol Palin take home the mirrorball trophy will send "leftist heads into meltdown."









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